Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is an increasingly popular procedure for men who want to achieve a fuller and more attractive beard. It can be used to fill in sparse areas, or even create an entirely new look from scratch. The procedure involves removing hair follicles from one area of the body - usually the back of the head - and transplanting them into another part of your face where you’d like more facial hair growth.

The Beard Transplant process begins with a consultation between you and your doctor, during which they will assess whether this type of treatment is right for you based on factors such as age, skin tone, current level of facial hair growth etc. Once decided upon, tiny incisions are made at each donor site (the back/sides) where follicles are removed using specialised tools before being transplanted into their new home in your beard area via small slits made there too! This entire process takes around three hours depending on how many grafts need transferring but results should last up to five years if properly cared for afterwards!

Overall Beard Transplants offer a safe way to improve or completely change up one’s look without any major risks associated with it – making it ideal if you don’t want surgery but still desire that extra bit oomph when it comes down grooming time! With proper aftercare instructions followed closely by yourself along with regular check-ups at our clinic; we guarantee satisfaction every step along the way so why not give us call today?

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